So its the 3rd of January 2016 and I just realise i haven’t made any resolutions. So here they are, please take any ideas you like and share I you don’t have :

  1. Read more – Reading used to be one of my favourite things but recently i have been too busy and too obsessed by social media. Experts say reading helps you to relax and it prevent depression and other mental illnesses. Its also good for general knowledge and happiness 🙂
  2. Make new friends – Because I didn’t have a great experience with friends at primary school I have always been quite scared of making new friends. But I want to change that. And maybe it will even help me get a boyfriend!  🙂
  3. Take less bullshit – When every someone is rude to me of something, normally, unless I’m in a bad mood I will just take it and walk away. I don’t want to become really gobby just a bit better at comebacks
  4. Not loose weight or change, accept myself – Obviously it would be nice to get a bit thinner but thats not my resolution. I want to learn to not care as much as I do about body image. I need to learn to feel comfortable in my own skin, and that is ok to be curvy and its ok to have out of control hair. Just to be who ever I want.

So, those are my resolutions. I will let you know if I start to accomplish any of them. Thanks for reading!

Maisie xox


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