How to be unique at school

So it was my first day back at school today. It wasn’t too bad, it was great to see my friends again after the holidays but I barely slept the night before so I was so tired. Today I also realised how hard it is to be an individual at school. We have a strick uniform at my school so I sent a while thinking about little things I could to to stand out at school. Here are some surgestions:

  1. Dye your hair – I know that some schools don’t allow you to do this but if you can, you should. I had bright red hair for about a year and alot of people new because of that. Its a great way to be an individual in a crowd of people wearing excactly the same as you!
  2. Get new shoe laces – You might not be allowed to wear the shoes you want but get some funky laces! Or even if you want something suttler, swap your laces for vintage looking ribbon laces!
  3. Change your buttons – If you’re like me, and have to wear a shirt or polo then why not replace the buttons for colourful ones. Its such a subtle change, Its unlikely a teacher will notice.
  4. Make up and nail varnish – Wear a nice bright nailvarnish coulour to stand out, and if you want to wear some makeup. Find something that is unique to you. I tend to wear a thin line of blue below my bottom water, but any colour works. If you want to be bold, wear some think, gothy eye liner.

Thanks for reading, let me know how you get on if you decide to use any of these tips! πŸ™‚

Maisie xox


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