Make up and Beauty Lifesavers

Here are a few items which I couldn’t live without!

  1. Biore Nose Strips – These are great for anyone who regally gets black heads on their nose. They are sticky strips which you leave on your nose for 10 minutes and they when you take it off, it rips the black heads out and unclogs your pores.
  2. Pantene Dry Oil – This is great for anyone who finds themselves with dry hair after blow drying. If you run some of this through your wet hair, it leaves your hair softer and smoother, unlike similar products which just leave it oily.
  3. Simple anti-blemish moisturiser – I always put this on before I put on any kind of make up. It makes your face feel very soft and it helps to prevent spots. Its a win-win!
  4. Tea tree witch hazel spot stick – This is a great spot stick which reduces the size and redness of spots really fast. I love it! I take on anywhere I go.
  5. Revlon Colourstay foundation – If you want to wear foundation this is great. You only need a very small amount so its not to bad for your skin. Its one of the best foundations I have ever used.
  6. Rimmel hide the blemish concealer – Basically this is a great concealer. Especially for covering dark circles.

Thanks for reading, hopefully this helps! 🙂

Maisie xox


4 thoughts on “Make up and Beauty Lifesavers

  1. Amber Berry says:

    Hi! I have been reading your blog, it’s great! I was wondering if you could give me some advice on how to deal with stress of school and revising. Thanks 😁


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