Hi everyone!  I just wanted to say sorry I haven’t posted in a while,  I’ve been very busy with school and stuff.  I just did my French controlled assessment,  which by the way,  I’m pretty sure I failed.  I have also been away over the weekend on the coast visiting family so didn’t have a chance to blog.

Also guys,  this blog is for you so please comment what you want me to do.  It can be fashion advice,  school advice,  anything.  After a request,  soon I will be doing a post on how to not get stressed at school.

Thanks for reading!

Maisie xox


4 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Zoe Williams says:

    Hi, i was wondering please if you could do a post about style tips for girls who aren’t very slim. Like some tips on how to flatter your body shape. Thanks. I really like your blog so far by the way 😆

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  2. Me says:

    Could you do a post about lgbtq? Maybe some advice on comming out and stuff cause I have recently come to terms with the fact I will have to tell my parents soon that im bisexual. Even if you are not part of the lgbtq comunity it would be fantastic if you posted about it. Thanks so much


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